Fowey Harbour Commissioner's

Board Members

The Commissioners' Board comprises 9 appointed members who serve a 3 year term up to a maximum of 3 terms. Each year, 3 positions are open to be filled either by re-appointment or election of new members. New positions are advertised in the local press. Local councils have the power to appoint 3 of the board members. The Commissioners appoint the other 6 board members.

Board Members - the current members of the Board

Declaration of Interests - the current declarations of interest for the Board Members

Supporting information 

There are a number of regulations and Act of Parliament in place that the affect the actions of the Harbour Commissioners in their operation of Fowey Harbour. The Board's responsibilities are set out in the supporting information available here.

In addition, there is information regarding the Duties, Role, Skills and Job Specification required for the position of Harbour Commissioner. 

Legislation - the range of legislation that directly affects the operation of Fowey Harbour  

Duties of a Harbour Commissioner 

Role of a Harbour Commissioner 

Skills required of a Harbour Commissioner

Declaration of Interests - once appointed, a Harbour Commissioner is required to make decisions in the interests of the Fowey Harbour. Any conflicting interests must be declared and the Commissioner may not take part in discussions that might bring about a conflict of interest.

Each year, 3 of the 9 Commissioners positions becomes available for Nomination. The positions are advertised locally, in the local media and on this website. Commissioners serve for a 3 year period and do not receive any remuneration. The appointed person will be expected to have a good working knowledge of the Fowey Harbour area. Commissioners are not appointed to represent any particular interest but to manage the harbour independently for the benefit of all. 

If you are interested in applying for a position as Harbour Commissioner, please contact the Fowey Harbour Office, as below, for further information about the Appointment process.

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