Harbour Survey

The Fowey Harbour Commissioners carry out an annual programme of surveys including Bathymetric and Side scan surveys in order to ascertain the navigable depths within the harbour, to maintain the shipping channel for commercial shipping.  

The survey information is used to inform the dredging protocol to ensure that dredging is efficient and effective.

Click on the links below to view the soundings data for Fowey Harbour from the February 2018 survey

Survey data - Whole Fowey Estuary

Survey data - Harbour Entrance

Survey data - Lower Harbour - Polruan Pool to Caffa Mill

Survey data - Commercial Jetties

Survey data - Upper Harbour - Caffa Mill to Wisemans


Shoreline Surveys carried out a side-scan survey of Fowey Harbour in 2006. Click on the links below to see the survey images.    


Point 1. 

Looking north-east, Pont Pill entrance and the shallows of the main pleasure craft mooring area are clearly visible. 

Point 2.

Looking north, the deep water north of Pont Pill and the deeper water near Mixtow Pill is visible.  

Point 3. 

Looking South-east from Commercial Berths. Mixtow Pill and deeper water is clearly visible 


The three extracts illustrate the seabed in Fowey during the 2006 surveys. Depths are colour coded as per the colour code bar on the left hand side of each drawing.


Key points to note are as follows

Heights are relative to Chart Datum. 

The scale of the depths has been multiplied relatively to the plan position in all drawings. The size of multiplication is between  x 2 and x 10, depending on location. 

The drawings are for illustrative purposes only and not to be used for navigation. 

Shoreline Surveys Limited have produced these drawings on behalf of the Fowey Harbour Commissioners. 

Copyright of the images is owned by Fowey Harbour Commissioners. Please contact the Harbour Office regarding use of the images. 

Parts of the drawings are obscured by the banks/ slopes (shown as black). The scale of depths has been multiplied to produce more vivid and striking drawings. If true scale was used then the contours do not stand out as clearly.

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