Harbour & Marine Notices

Whilst the most recent Notice is shown first on this website, earlier Notices may still be in force. Please acquaint yourself with the contents of each Notice.

Each Notice is numbered, giving year and Notice number, eg 2005/02 etc, and dated


Harbour Notices

MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/05

Hovercraft Operations

Harbour users are advised that a small hovercraft will be operating in the upper reaches of the Fowey Estuary during the periods 12th – 13th July and 16th – 17th July, mainly over low-tide periods.

These operations are being carried out on behalf of Natural England to facilitate scientific studies.

Download HM Notice 2018/05

Harbour Master - 05/07/18



Harbour Masters Notices & Local Notices to Mariners still in force on 1st January 2018

The following Local Notices to Mariners remain in Force

Number    Title
2013/06    Commercial Diver Training

2014/05    Maintenance Dredging Fowey Harbour

2016/01    Bodinnick Ferry Safe Operations

2016/07    Mixtow Pill depths below advertised value


The following Harbour Masters Notices remain in Force

Number    Title
2010/05    Commercial ship movements in Fowey Harbour
2011/06    Albert Quay Restrictions During Cruise Ship Visits

2016/02    De-confliction of ship movements with yacht racing/events

2016/03    Bodinnick Ferry - 2 Ferry Operations

2016/04    Sound signals for the Bodinnick Ferry

2016/05    Excessive Wash

2017/05    Use of FHC Rental Moorings by Visiting Vessels at Peak Periods
2017/06    Lifeboat call-outs during peak times
2017/13    Lights to be carried by tenders at night and during restricted visibility
2017/17    SWW works at Fowey Town Quay

All other notices are cancelled

Copies of the above notices may be obtained from the Harbour Office upon request.

Download Notice HM 2018/01

Harbour Master - 10/01/18


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