Harbour & Marine Notices

Whilst the most recent Notice is shown first on this website, earlier Notices may still be in force. Please acquaint yourself with the contents of each Notice.

Each Notice is numbered, giving year and Notice number, eg 2005/02 etc, and dated


Harbour Notices

MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/18

Harbour Swim Sunday 2nd September

Harbour users are advised that a harbour charity swim will take place on Sunday 2nd September

Swimmers will start from Town Quay at 1500, proceeding to Whitehouse and Readymoney and returning to Town Quay.

There will be safety boats in attendance and Fowey Harbour Patrol will provide a safety exclusion zone around the swim. Entry into the policed safety exclusion zone will be prohibited.

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Harbour Master - 20/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/17

Lights to be carried by tenders transiting Fowey Harbour during hours of darkness and in restricted visibility

All harbour users are reminded that Fowey is a busy commercial port with large vessels entering and leaving the harbour 24 hours a day. During the hours of darkness, small tenders are very difficult to see, particularly from the bridge of a merchant vessel.


This notice supersedes HM Notice 2017/13

Download HM Notice 2018/17

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/16

Torchlight Procession & Fireworks

Saturday 25th August

The Torchlight Procession will assemble off Passage Slip for 2100 and proceed slowly down river to the swinging area off Town Quay.

Large ship movements will be suspended during this time.

Port operations will be restricted within the zone Caffa Mill - Whitehouse Quay from 2100 - 2230.

Participants should:-

Ensure that torches are of the chemical type. Naked flames are not permitted.


Harbour Patrol Boats will be in attendance and participants must comply with their instructions.  In the event of an incident the nearest Harbour Patrol Craft will proceed and give assistance.


Vessels are advised to moor up for the duration of the display, but if underway they must maintain a vigilant look out to avoid collision and follow any instructions from Harbour Patrol craft.

Download HM Notice 2018/16

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/15

Gig Racing

Gig Racing will take place from 1200 on Saturday 25th August.  The course will be held inside the Harbour from Berrills Yard to just outside the Harbour entrance.

All traffic should keep well clear.

SPECTATOR BOATS are to keep to the starboard side of the approach (Polruan Shore) and BEHIND ALL the Gigs competing. They are to observe Harbour Byelaws and minimise wash. 

Whist commercial ship movements have priority, where possible, movements will be restricted during this period and escorted.  All gigs should maintain listening watch on VHF Ch.12 and obey directions from Harbour Patrol Officers.

Download HM Notice 2018/15

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/14

Red Devils Parachute Display

Harbour users are advised that the Red Devils Parachute Display Team will be performing a display in Fowey Harbour on Friday 24th August at 1815.

A safety exclusion zone will be established mid-channel between Albert Quay and the Swing Buoy and patrolled for the duration of the display and all vessels are to keep clear of the area (see charlet in download).

Harbour users must adhere to any instructions given by Harbour Patrol.

Download HM Notice 2018/14

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/13

Rowing Tug of War and Paddleboard Jousting

Harbour users are advised that Rowing Tug of War and Paddleboard Jousting events will be taking place from 1400 until 1800 on Friday 24th August.

A safety exclusion zone in the vicinity of Fowey Town Quay will be established and patrolled and all vessels are to keep clear of the area for the duration of the event.

Harbour users must adhere to any instructions given by Harbour Patrol.

Download HM Notice 2018/13

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/12

Working Boat Harbour Race

Thursday 23rd August 1300 - 1445

This notice supplements the race instructions issued to competitors and provides safety instructions regarding restricted zones and a change to starting arrangements.

Start & Finish Line: Between the swing buoy and the RFYC flag pole restricted to outside the moorings on the Fowey shore.

Harbour Mouth mark: A race mark and spreader mark moored mid-stream in the harbour mouth in the centre of the fairway.

Upstream Turning Mark: A race mark moored mid-stream off the visitors landing pontoon at Albert Quay.

Course: As directed by the Race Officer.

Restricted Zone: In the interests of safety to other harbour users and competing boats, the race is confined to the fairway, vessels racing may not enter the moorings except in emergency.  Boats may pass East of the swing (No.1) buoy (except when finishing) if safe to do so (See chartlet in download).

In the event that any competing craft does enter a restricted zone the Race Officer will determine whether a craft is to be disqualified. Other protests will be within the rules of the Regatta.

Download HM Notice 2018/12

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/11

Raft and Swimming Races

Raft races and swimming races will take place on Tuesday 21st August between 1730 and 1930.

The races will take place along the Fowey shore with a start line at Berrills Yard/ Albert Quay pontoons for the rafts. The swimming race will take place between Berrills Yard and Town Quay.

For safety reasons, a safety exclusion zone will be established in these areas until the completion of all of the events.

Harbour Patrol craft will be on duty to ensure that no vessel enters the exclusion zone.  Commercial ship movements during this event will be under the positive control of the Harbour Master.

The Cruise Ship Europa is due to depart at 1830 which may result in some changes to the event timings.

Download HM Notice 2018/11

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/10

Use of Albert Quay pontoon during Cruise Ship visits

Monday 20th August - Hebridean Princess    0800 - 1200

Tuesday 21st August - Europa   0800 - 1830

It is a requirement of International Passenger Safety that a secure reception area is established for landing and embarking passengers from cruise ships.

As a result, a portion of Albert Quay pontoon will be closed to public use and access to the whole pontoon will be controlled by security staff with random searches of persons and luggage.

Please be aware and plan your day accordingly. To avoid delays, please comply with the instructions of the security team. Abusive or violent behavior will not be tolerated and could result in the removal of mooring facilities in Fowey.

Download HM Notice 2018/10

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/09

Fowey Regatta Week

All mariners are advised that from Sunday 19th August to Saturday 25th August, Fowey Regatta Week will be held in the harbour.

Masters & Pilots should be aware that during the period 0900 to 2000, throughout the week, ALL commercial ship movements and vessels in excess of 20 metres are required to give at least 30 minutes notice of any intended movements below Prime Cellars. Permission will be granted subject to other port operations and vessels may be escorted or directed by the Harbour Master.

Harbour Masters Notices for specific arrangements are issued separately and indicate control measures for safe port operations.

A summary of the week’s significant waterborne events can be downloaded below

During any of these events, specific instructions and arrangements may be broadcast on VHF Channel 12

Download HM Notice 2018/09

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/08

Lifeboat Call-Outs during Peak Periods

In the event that the lifeboat is launched on a service where speed is imperative, the following actions will occur:

A broadcast is made on VHF Channel 12 advising of the imminent passage of the lifeboat through the lower harbour and advising that precautions should be taken by all vessels vulnerable to the wash created.

The patrol boat on duty will advise rafted boats, especially to the south of the swing buoy, that the lifeboat is proceeding to sea and there may be some wash before preceding to Whitehouse/Readymoney to advise boats/bathers.

At busy times or during events, the lifeboat will be escorted by the fast response patrol boat under blue light conditions through the Harbour.

This notice supersedes HM Notice 2017/06

Download HM Notice 2018/08

Harbour Master - 13/08/18


MARINERS NOTICE - HM Notice 2018/07

Use of FHC Rental Moorings by Visiting Vessels at Peak Periods

As a Statutory Port Authority, Fowey Harbour Commissioners have a duty to ensure that vessels arriving in the Port are moored safely. To this end, visitor mooring facilities and unused rental moorings are, on occasion, utilised throughout the season.

There are times, however, when the numbers of craft require the Harbour Master to use his powers of direction and berth visiting vessels on rented resident moorings/ alongside resident boats. This is to ensure continued port safety.

The times when this direction is necessary are isolated and rare; however there is the possibility that it may be required again in 2018.

This will mainly affect those licensees in Pont Pill and Polruan Pill, however all mooring licensees are asked to co-operate with Fowey Harbour Patrol during these peak times.

Any directions issued by the Patrol craft must be followed.

This notice supersedes HM Notice 2017/05

Download HM Notice 2018/07 

Harbour Master - 13/08/18



Harbour Masters Notices & Local Notices to Mariners still in force on 1st January 2018

The following Local Notices to Mariners remain in Force

Number    Title
2013/06    Commercial Diver Training

2014/05    Maintenance Dredging Fowey Harbour

2016/01    Bodinnick Ferry Safe Operations

2016/07    Mixtow Pill depths below advertised value


The following Harbour Masters Notices remain in Force

Number    Title
2010/05    Commercial ship movements in Fowey Harbour
2011/06    Albert Quay Restrictions During Cruise Ship Visits

2016/02    De-confliction of ship movements with yacht racing/events

2016/03    Bodinnick Ferry - 2 Ferry Operations

2016/04    Sound signals for the Bodinnick Ferry

2016/05    Excessive Wash

2017/05    Use of FHC Rental Moorings by Visiting Vessels at Peak Periods
2017/06    Lifeboat call-outs during peak times
2017/13    Lights to be carried by tenders at night and during restricted visibility
2017/17    SWW works at Fowey Town Quay

All other notices are cancelled

Copies of the above notices may be obtained from the Harbour Office upon request.

Download Notice HM 2018/01

Harbour Master - 10/01/18


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