Ferry and Water Taxi services

Water Taxi

A privately operated Water Taxi operates from 0700-2330 hrs, weather permitting from May to September. These brightly yellow coloured craft operate on VHF channel 6 and will take visiting craft crews from boats to and from various shore points . Telephone 07774 906730 Website

In the periods when the water taxi is not operating the Polruan ferry may provide the same service in the lower harbour. Call VHF channel 8.



Three ferry services operate in the harbour.

Polruan Ferry

This operates throughout the year linking Polruan Quay to either Whitehouse Quay(in the summer) or Fowey Town Quay (in the winter and after 6pm). Ferries are orange in colour and carry 12 or 24 passengers. Operated by C. Toms & Sons Ltd.  Telephone  01726 870232  Website

Bodinnick Car and Passenger Ferry

This operates throughout the year between Caffa Mill and Bodinnick Slipways. These craft of 30 metres in length, navigate in the narrow part of the harbour. Byelaw 13 requires vessels not to inpede the ferry which can be called on channel 9. Ships sound 'D' on their whistles to worn the ferry and others of their approach. Operated by C. Toms & Sons Ltd.  Telephone  01726 870232  Website

Mevagissey Ferry

During the Summer a ferry link to and from Mevagissey across St. Austell Bay operates 4-6 times daily, weather permitting. Normally landing at Whitehouse Quay, the ferry company can be contacted on telephone 07977 203394  Website


Please be aware that slipways and other landings can become slippery - Please be careful


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