The leisure sector is an important part of harbour life.

It is necessary not only to keep the commercial channels and berths clear for large ship movements but also to protect the environment and to leave areas of the harbour open for use. Therefore the number of resident moorings largely remains the same year upon year, the Harbour Commissioners have eight dedicated mooring areas in the harbour. The number of moorings in the upper estuary are controlled in the 1980 Harbour Revision Order.

The Harbour Commissioners own approximately 900 moorings and rent them under annual contract to the licensees.

The Harbour Commissioners recognise the high demand for moorings in the harbour and have developed a number of mooring packages in response to this to try to maximise the efficiency of use of moorings and exisiting facilities

How to obtain a permanent mooring licence in Fowey Harbour

1. Contact the Harbour Office and obtain a mooring licence application form.

2. Complete the form giving as much detail as possible about the type of boat you wish to moor. You should note that as the deep water waiting list is currently closed son, you will only be able to apply for drying moorings in the upper part of the harbour.

3. Return the form with the application fee which is currently £57.50.

4. Once we receive your form, the details are entered into the waiting list system. This consists of a computer database with the original application forms kept as back up.

5. Whilst you are waiting for your mooring allocation, keep the harbour office fully informed of any changes to you and your boats details.

The Allocation of Permanent Resident Moorings - How we do it

1. The mooring is relinquished by its licensee and becomes available for re-allocation.

2. The mooring is assessed to determine what type and size of boat would be suitable. Factors influencing this decision include;

  • The size of the mooring equipment.
  • The type of mooring.
  • The size, type and position of neighbouring boats.
  • Past performance, ie what type of vessel has successfully used the mooring in the past.

3. Once the boat type and size has been determined, the LOCAL* waiting list for deep water or drying moorings is consulted as appropriate. Those who are happy with either appear on both lists.

4. The first person on the list with the boat type and size determined in step 2 is offered the mooring. Should there be no-one with a suitable boat on the local list, then the non-local list is consulted. It should be noted that a person's position on the waiting list is determined by their application date.

*Local Resident shall mean a person whose declared main place of residence appears on the electoral register and is within two miles of the harbour.

Help us allocate moorings correctly. Give us as much information about your intended boat as you can. If your boating needs change whilst you are waiting for a mooring, don't forget to let us know. This way, we can ensure you are offered the right type of mooring when it becomes available.

For more information about obtaining a mooring or other mooring/storage please contact the Harbour Office - (01726) 832471
Fowey Harbour
Tel: +44 (0)1726 832471   Email: fhc@foweyharbour.co.uk