Temporary Moorings


What are they?

Temporary moorings are permanent residents moorings that are not being used by the person to which they are licensed. This can be for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, a temporary cessation of boating activities or a short term move away from the area.
Provided that the licensee informs FHC that the mooring will not be used for the forthcoming season and the licence fee portion of the mooring bill is paid, then the mooring remains in the permanent licensees name.
The mooring is then available to be sublet for the season. On the conclusion of the season, the mooring reverts to the permanent licensee.
The allocation of temporary mooring during one season is no guarantee of an allocation in the next.

Who is eligible for a temporary mooring?

Anybody who is on the waiting list for a permanent mooring licence in Fowey Harbour is eligible for a temporary mooring allocation, provided that their boat is suitable in all respects for the mooring in question.

How do they apply?

A temporary mooring application form needs to be filled in and the administration fee paid. Once received, the boat owners computer records are tagged as requiring a temporary mooring. These requests are reset at the end of the season which means that all temporary licensees need to re-apply on an annual basis. 

Download a temporary mooring application form

What criteria is used when allocating temporary moorings?

As with permanent allocations, the mooring is assessed to determine what type and size of boat would be suitable. Once this is done, the list of temporary applicants is consulted and those applicants with suitable boats considered. If there is more than one suitable boat, then the following criteria are used to make the decision.

1. Boats allocated a temporary mooring during the previous season are given priority.
2. Boats owned by persons designated as LOCAL (see how to obtain a permanent mooring for a definition) are given priority over NON-LOCALS.

What are off-peak temps?

Some permanent licensees, particularly those with smaller boats, only use their boats during the peak months of July & August. It is sometimes possible, therefore, to offer boat owners the use of such a mooring for the remainder of the season. During the months of July and August alternative arrangements are made, which could include storage ashore.

What is the cost?

Temporary mooring licences cost the same as permanent mooring licenses. On top of this are harbour dues and rental charges. Therefore, the cost to a temporary applicant is the same as a permanent licensee.

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