Slipway Safety

Please be aware that slipways and other landings can be slippery - Please be careful

Some simple Do's and Dont's.

Do Plan Ahead.

Do be sure that your car is capable of launching/recovering your boat safely and that your trailer is fit for purpose.

Do prepare your boat BEFORE reversing on to the slipway.

Do keep to one side of the slipway to allow space for other users.

Do ensure that your vehicle is in gear and its handbrake is on before leaving it to deal with your boat and trailer.

Do check your engine works before you launch.

Do be aware of other boats approaching the slipway.

Do use the shore linked pontoon for boarding and landing passengers not involved with the launching operation.

Do be aware of commercial shipping when leaving the slipway area.

Do abide by any instructions given by Harbour Staff. They are for your safety and convenience.

Do not allow unsupervised children or pets on to the slipway at any time.

Do not stand behind the trailer whilst it is on the slip or the approach incline.

Do not swim from the slipway or pontoons.

Do not try and catch a winch handle which has spun out of control.

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